"Sustainable Growth with Innovation:
Building Competitive SME Networks"
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The International Network for SMEs (INSME) aims at promoting the internationalization of the national innovation systems. The network encourages and facilitates transnational cooperation among innovation stakeholders worldwide, with a view to fostering SMEs’ access to existing knowledge.

The INSME Annual Meeting is the right place to take stock of the main Network achievements, to increase knowledge sharing among INSME Members by learning from other Members’ experiences and from their case studies, as well as to encourage and accelerate cross border cooperation activities on a voluntary basis among them.

But the Annual Meeting is much more than this: for all innovation stakeholders and practitioners as policymakers, international organizations, academic experts, business intermediaries and knowledge networks it represents a perfectoccasion to meet the right players, to discuss the right topics and to potentially identify the right talents, partners, clients, sponsors and investors for future activities as marketing their services, projects and ideas by reaching the appropriate professional audience.

As new INSME Secretary General appointed since January 2012 I am very much looking forward to welcoming you in Korea, learning more about your priorities andjoining forces to create a more SME-friendly and innovative eco-system.

Meet you in Daejeon!

Christin PfeifferMs. Christin Pfeiffer
INSME Secretary General



Why Korea?

A business view and a personal view.

South Korea, "Land of the Morning Calm"; yes, but it is also one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. It has the 15th largest economy (in terms of GDP) and grows rates that we have not seen for a long time in Europe. Global companies’ but also internationalized Medium size companies use Korea as test bed for new products and this is not only true for IT, as for example Korea has also the biggest luxury good market in Asia. Beside these typical “invest in” arguments, we as INSME members are looking for INNOVATION and challenging policy approaches and Korea has also something to offer in that area. Korea is for Asia’s like Finland in Europe, a test bed for innovation policies. Carefully monitoring what the world around is doing, what is working and what is not, Korea is implementing successfully where other countries struggle or fail. You might ask yourself, maybe OK for Korea, but why is it Daejeon and not Seoul? Daejeon can claim to be the Silicon Valley of Korea with more than 200 Research Institutes and the most successful technology cluster Daedeok Innopolis defined by KAIST and the Chungnam National University. In Daedeok Innopolis the mutual stimulation and cooperation between these communities produces remarkable innovation and commercialization of available technologies. When the Boston Consulting Group released recently a list of nations leading in innovation, Korea was ranked number two, just below Singapore[i]. For networking purposes the INSME AM will be combined with another conference and a HIGH Tech Fair giving you the advantage of booking one and getting three.

As anyone of us is, besides being a business person, also a private person, there are other reasons why to visit Korea. Number one argument in the blogs is always the food, have you ever tried BiBimBap? If you fly Lufthansa or Asiana you will have the chance to try it already in the plane. The food is delicious and healthy on top. The hospitality is famous and the openness of the people inspiring. Daejeon has natural springs and in most of the Hotels we have pre-booked you will have the chance to use great wellness and spa facilities. Don’t be afraid of the travel, the bus connection between Incheon airport and Deajeon is in business lounge busses with perfect spacey seats that allow you to sleep, when you did not manage in the plane. Being in Daejeon already twice I can only recommend to you to see this place and be inspired by the innovativeness and hospitality.

raimund broechlerDr. Raimund Broechler
INSME Vice President
Senior Delivery Manager
INTRASOFT International S.A.

[i] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daejeon

Why Korea (and attending the INSME conference)

Over the past few decades, Korea has become known around the world for its advanced technology, from innovative mobile communications to clean renewable energy programs and improved automobiles.

Indeed Today, Korea is the most innovative country, according to the 2008 Global Innovation Index. According to “Invest Korea” its investment-in-R&D to GDP ratio is the 5th highest in the world, which means the number of Korea's science and technology personnel is growing the fastest globally.

Korea also boasts high Internet usage, some of the highest broadband speeds in the world, strong recognition of intellectual property rights and the 4th most applications for intellectual property rights and international patent treaties.

Korea is fully exploiting the open innovation paradigm and is fostering international cooperation with several high-ends agreements in place to share resources and capabilities, sourcing technology all over the world. Cooperation between European companies, including a vast majority of SMEs, and Korean organization is undergoing within the Seventh Framework Programme for research and Innovation funded by the European Commission with a special agreement with Korea to contribute resources.

In this framework the next INSME conference in Korea is definitely a place to be if you are interested in innovation, SMEs, technology transfer and if you want to share your experience with leading practitioners and learn from case studies and success stories.

stefano carosioStefano Carosio
 INSME Member
Industrial Innovation - Division Manager
D’Appolonia S.p.A.