Getting There

To Daejeon (Airport Limousine Bus)

Bus Time


Departure Interval
First Last
Daejeon → Incheon International Airport 04:00 19:10 30(mim)
Incheon International Airport → Daejeon 06:00 22:10 30(mim)
Daejeon → Cheongju International Airport 06:30 16:00 6 times a day
Cheongju International Airport →Daejeon 06:30 21:20 6 times a day

To Seoul (From Incheon airport)

to seul scheme

To Daejeon (From incheon airport)

You can access to the Incheon Int'l Airport by the international flight all most of the world. Please refer to the timetable at

  • Step 1 : From the departures level (1st Floor) at Incheon Airport, find Gate 9.
  • Step 2 : At Gate number 9 (outside) there should be a little booth that sells bus tickets to Daejeon.
  • Step 3 : Please get off at the DAEDEOK CULTURE CENTER STOP for DAEDEOK INNOPOLIS.

to seul scheme bus stop

Information is available at the transportation information counter concerning the timetable of limousine bus between the Incheon Int´l Airport and Daejeon, as well as the purchase of the bus ticket.

Bus Stop Time Duration Fee
1st Floor 9D 06:20~02:40
180~200min KRW 14,800
KRW 22,200
Route Name (Bus No.) Direction Station Bus Info
Chungcheong Daedeok Lotte Hotel,
Daejeon Government
Complex, Dongboo
Cross-Country Bus
Terminal Center

Make sure that the limousine stop for Daejeon is 9D in front of the passenger terminal building. The fare for one way ticket is KRW 14,500 or KRW 21,800 according to the limousine class.

To Daejeon (Rail)

KTX (Korea Train Express) Saemaeul

Route Distance
Time Required Frequency
Deajeon - Seoul 166.8 50 min 36 times

Information Center of Daejeon Train Station +82.1544.7788

Information Center of Seodaejeon Train Station +82.42.524.0988

Deajeon - Busan 277.7 1h 50 min 30 times
Seodaejeon - Seoul(Yongsan) 170 1h 20 times
Seodaejeon - Mokpo 250.6 2h 20 min 8 times
Deajeon - Seoul 166.8 1h 40 min 16 times
Deajeon - Busan 277.7 3h 8 times
Seodaejeon - Seoul(Yongsan) 170 1h 40 min 10 times
Seodaejeon - Mokpo 250.6    

to daejeon rail

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