“Making innovation happen in SMEs”

The International Network for Small and Medium sized Enterprises (INSME) is a non for profit Association established since 2004 in Rome, Italy with the aim to promote transnational cooperation and public-private partnership for innovation in SMEs, involving  main public and private innovation stakeholders dealing with competitiveness issues: governmental bodies, international organisations, business support intermediaries and their associations/networks at subnational, national, regional and international level. The Network comprises at present 83 members based in 33 countries in 4 continents.


“Advancing Science, Sharing Prosperity Globally”

The World Technopolis Association is a multilateral international organization based in Daejeon, South Korea, created with the purpose to connect the advancement of science and technology with local development, to achieve a shared development through cooperation and exchange among science cities. Toward a global network leading a sustainable technopolis development, the World Technopolis Association aims to establish international cooperation between local and regional governments in an era of knowledge-based society, as well as, to share the prosperity by promoting mutually beneficial partnership and exchanging their experiences in a global context.

WTA’s major objectives are:


  • To connect the advancement of science and technology with regional innovation;
  • To establish mutual cooperation and good partnership on technopolis development;
  • To achieve a shared development through knowledge exchange and technology transfer among science cities;
  • To assist the members in building sustainable technopolises with a global competitiveness.

As of now, the WTA have developed since 1998 fruitful relations with local and regional governments, research institutes, science parks and HEIs in 80 members in 40 countries from 5 continents, is a truly international initiative.

INNOBIZ Association

INNOBIZ Association is the management organization for INNOBIZ Certification. INNOBIZ Association will foster Global Leader INNOBIZ Enterprises with the capacity to compete shoulder-to-shoulder in the fiercely competitive global market.
INNOBIZ Enterprises are selected based on an assessment of their future growth potential in view of their technological competitiveness gained through R&D efforts and strong corporate organization rather than historical sales results. As the new paradigm of improving corporate and national competitiveness on the back of technological innovation is gaining greater importance throughout the world, the leading OECD nations, including the USA and Germany, have been providing diverse forms of government support to small and mid-sized companies since 1995 in a drive to foster these businesses as their core competitive infrastructure. As such, it has become an objective criterion for measuring competitiveness among the nations.

INNOBIZ Association is contributing to the strengthening of national competitiveness based on the development of a sustainable growth platform to enable INNOBIZ Enterprises to pursue consistent innovation and transformation as the core business group among small and mid-sized companies.

Innobiz Global TechBiz Partnering 2012

Daejeon Metropolitan City

Daejeon is geographically located in the center of Korea, thus allowing for easy and accessible transportation so Major expressways and railways connect the country from the north to south converge in Daejeon. With this wonderful transportation network, it is possible to travel to anywhere in the country within half a day from Daejeon.
In particular, Daejeon has the Daedeok Innopolis which is the first Special R&D Zone (Innovation Cluster) in Korea. Hosting about one thousand venture companies and about 70 national and private research institutes that are equipped with world-class infrastructure facilities and talented research experts, the Daedeok Innopolis in Daejeon has all the advantages of a synergistic exchange that utilizes hi-tech for industrial projects.
In addition, Daejeon offers many business cooperative programs and opportunities as a second city for government administration. For instance, the Small & Medium Business Administration, the Intellectual Property Office, and the Public Procurement Service are all based in Daejeon, which purport to support small and medium sized enterprises nationwide.

Daejeon Convention Center