Who should attend?

  • INSME Association Members and Partners worldwide;
  • WTA Members;
  • Ministries and Governmental Bodies worldwide dealing with SMEs, Entrepreneurship, innovation and competitiveness policies and instruments;
  • International Financing Institutions, International Governmental Organisations targeting SME, Entrepreneurship and innovation developing policies, programs and activities;
  • International Non Governmental Organisations  and Associations sharing our mission and vision(NGOs);
  • Business support Networks and associations of Intermediaries/business support organisations at subnational, national and international level;
  • Individual Intermediaries/business support organisations/innovation and technology transfer centres, chambers of commerce, universities, incubators, etc.;
  • Research centres, knowledge transfer offices, etc.;
  • Individual experts, scientists, researchers, innovation professionals, innovators and practitioners from any geographical area;
  • SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) and large companies, spin-offs, start ups and would-be entrepreneurs from any geographical area;
  • Institutional as well as Private Investors, venture capitalists, business angels and their networks;
  • Local and international media representatives interested in innovation and SME competitiveness related issues.

Why you should attend

  • Are you interested in  a platform for increased international cooperation to create added value for your activity?
  • Are you aiming at learning more about  the innovation economy and  public policies to support SMEs still facing the financial and economic crisis?
  • Are you part of the innovation eco-system in your own country and you want to learn from other international peers how to make innovation happen in SMEs ?
  • Are you looking for new partners and tools to make your business/organisation go global and become more innovative?
  • Do you believe in the role of networking and knowledge sharing to achieve a better market reach and a global outreach ?

If you deal with SMEs' competitiveness, innovation and internationalisation, then, the INSME Annual Meeting is surely of great interest to you! It is the best opportunity to find out about the multi-stakeholder INSME community, its Secretariat and its Members worldwide . At the INSME Secretariat we  are committed to creating mutual learning and networking opportunities among public and private innovation stakeholders across different geographical regions.

So, wherever you are, become involved in INSME. Your future starts now.