INSME Past Meetings

7th INSME Annual Meeting 2011

23rd - 26th May 2011 - Helsinki - Finland

"Competitiveness, Culture and Cross-Border Co-operation"

Assisting SMEs to Grow, Innovate and Reach International Markets

The meeting was organised by the INSME Secretariat in collaboration with the European ProClusters Association (EPROCA), and supported by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, the Finnish Innovation Fund - Sitra, the City of Helsinki, the British and Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce in Finland, Legistum Ltd and the Suomen Yrittäjäopisto - Finnish Institute for Enterprise Management.

6th INSME Annual Meeting 2010

10th - 13th May 2010 -  Rio de Janeiro - Brazil.

SME Innovation: boosting development and growth in times of change

The meeting was co-organised with SEBRAE - the Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service ( The event included the 7th INSME Board Meeting, the 6th INSME General Assembly, the INSME 2010 International Conference and the Industrial visit to Rio Tech Park. Over 190 participants from 25 countries attended this event.

5th INSME Annual Meeting 2009

20th - 23rd April 2009 - Dubai - UAE

Building a Knowledge based eco-system for SMEs: Finance, Innovation, Technology and Networking"

The event was organised by the INSME Secretariat in collaboration with the Dubai Institute of Technology (DIT) – Dubai Technopark ( and it was held within the DIT SMEs Forum. This 4 day event included the 6th INSME Board Meeting, the 5th INSME General Assembly, the INSME 2009 International Conference, the Industrial Site Visits in Dubai. Over 200 participants attended this event.

4th INSME Annual Meeting 2008

2nd - 4th July - Guangzhou (Canton) - P.R. China

"Encouraging SME Innovation and Growth: Increasing Capital Access".

It was organised in collaboration with the following Chinese INSME Members: Torch Center INNOFUND; Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province; Guangdong Science & Technology Exchange Center and Guangdong Productivity Center. Over 150 participants attended the International Conference

3rd INSME Annual Meeting 2007

13th July 2007 - Rome- Italy

Reinvigorating our Global Partnership for Innovation

This International Meeting (for INSME members only) was attended by over 50 participants from 12 countries representing public and private organisations operating in the field of SMEs, innovation and technology transfer. The Conference gave to Members the opportunity to share views and good practices on how innovation in SMEs can be supported in order to help them cope with international competition.

2nd INSME Annual Meeting 2006

24th - 26th April 2006 - Montevideo - Uruguay

“Boosting Innovation by Bridging the Knowledge Gap: A Developer-User Approach”

Co-organised by the INSME Association in cooperation with the Technology Management Center (Centro de Gestión Tecnológica, CEGETEC, of the Chamber of Industries of Uruguay (Cámara de Industrias del Uruguay). This 3-day event included the 3rd INSME Board Meeting, the 2nd INSME General Assembly the INSME 2006 International Conference and Site Visits to technological and scientific centres surrounding Montevideo. Approximately 230 representatives from 24 countries attended this meeting

1st INSME Annual Meeting 2005

13th- 15th April 2005 - Barcelona - Spain

“International Cooperation to Seize Innovation Opportunities for SMEs

This international event was co-organised by the INSME Association in cooperation with the Spanish agency of innovation CIDEM, INSME Member (Generalitat de Catalunya, and the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade (Ministerio de Industria, Turismo y Comercio). This 3-day event included the 2nd INSME Board Meeting, the 1st INSME General Assembly, the INSME 2005 International Conference 2005, the INSME Award Ceremony and Site Visits to technological and scientific centres surrounding Barcelona. About 200 representatives from 35 countries attended this event.